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A small river flows in the sky and falls in the form of drops and becomes a an ocean.

  • Name: Mitesh Khadgi
  • Date of birth: October 20, 1987
  • Address: Redmond WA 98052 USA
  • Zip code: 98052
  • Email: mitesh.khadgi2019@gmail.com
  • Phone: +1 (469) 380-4624/+91-8871207331

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Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Favorite courses: Digital Circuits, Logic Design, Computer Architecture.


Master of Technology in Microelectronics & VLSI Design

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Favorite courses: Digital Circuits, Logic Design, Computer Architecture.


Master of Science in Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Dallas

Favorite courses: Design Automation, Operating Systems, Machine Learning.



Member of Technical Staff - Design Verification

Mirafra Technologies

Develop a AXI BFM
Design a FIFO BFM
Study about various protocols
Conduct interviews.


Research Intern - Quantum Computing

Microsoft Corporation

Electronic Design Automation, FPGA Rapid Prototyping, Central Processing Units (CPUs), Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).
Simulated Annealing Implementation, New Programming Language Scope and its Utilization.
Study on Quantum Annealing, Quantum Inspired Algorithms (QIAs).
Shor's algorithm, Grover's algorithm.
Frieze-Kannan-Vempala (FKV) algorithm, GEECM algorithm - faster than Shor's algorithm (Lenstra Elliptic-Curve Factorization Method), etc.


Software Engineer

Intel Corporation

Projects: Electronic Design Automation, FPGA Rapid Prototyping.
Memory Controller Design and Verification with setup installation for Hybrid-Virtual Prototype (HVP) enablement across country site locations with AresPeak (Virtex-6 FPGA) emulation board for memory controller IPs. Design a methodology for efficient code-generation in Verilog/VHDL, SystemC, C/C++. Database management using Clearcase and UTP tracking system. Extensively worked on writing Python generators


Founder/Web Designer

Violetrays.in (Senseheed)

Automated web-based (prototype) tests developed to check your eye-sight, hearing ability.

Prototype Violetrays.in Website
Senseheed Website

Acquired by Theranos in December 2020.
Refer: Theranos

"Get Auto-prescribed" application for Ophthalmologists: Mitesh Khadgi did develop an auto-generated prescription for eye-patients with a digital photo and the patients name for authentication to just type the power and click the print on a printer, and the prescription could be easily provided the patients in any eye-hospitals which was built using Java/Python, it did work full-fledged as a digital-print only to print, to make doctor's lives much more easier to give them more time for their personal life rather than patients getting prescriptions with their doctor's weird signatures and hand-writing
[it also supports rural gratification, as well as reducing the queue of the patients as well, where Individual Doctors running their private medical center offices is around 60%-70%, and Eye-hospitals around 20%-30%].
Note: Could be utilized as B2B for other companies as well for similar auto-prescriptions.
Supported and Sponsored by SharkTank, and Microsoft Corporation.

Future Plans for Theranos as a part of Microsoft: As a new CEO of Microsoft in 2021, Mitesh would like theranos to still exist as a pathology lab from UK in United States of America (USA), for himself to tryout few more ideas in the field of Digital Microlfuidics which involves mixing distinct and similar liquid solvents/solutions/catalysts with voltage difference of around 0.1-1V with bubble transfer mechanism by 1-5 mm with a new Digital Microfluidic Chip.
Supported by Steve Kelley, Minnesota state Senator, and Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.


IEEE Volunter/Web Marketing

Connecting Cube

A platform to support and bring awareness among the students while encouraging them to pursue a good career path.

ConnectingCube Website

Design Engineer

iMSpired Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Design a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for automated code generation using Java for Assertion/Functional coverage. APB Protocol implementation with driver, monitor, scoreboard in UVM environment. Priority based arbiter switch RTL design/implementation in Verilog. Waverin Parser (Bug tracking system) implementation and feature development.


Digital Design Engineer

Asiczen Technologies

Protocols: AXI3/AXI4, SPI, I2C, UART, MDIO.
AXI4 UVC development - Designed an AXI Master UVC using System Verilog, UVM. Created a feature list from specification, coverage plan, scoreboard, testcases. Tested it with already available AXI Slave UVC. Presentation on SPI and I2C protocol.


Senior Design Verification Engineer

SmartSOC Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SOC Verification - Tested GNSS memory accesses using JTAG Protocol.
IP Verification - Developed 200+ testcases to verify design RTL. Tested and debug design RTL integrated with Cadence VIP slave for AXI3/AXI4. Generated code coverage results for AXI3/AXI4 testcases


Founder/Web Designer

Violetrays.in (GetARoommate)

A web-based application (prototype) for students to find their roommates.

GetARoommate Website

In January 2021, CoStar Group acquired GetARoommate, funded by SharkTank, deal is still under discussion for $20 million.
Acquired & Sponsored by CoStar Group and Shark Tank

Founder - Product/Services


A web-based application (prototype) for Product/Services [Information]. Business Plan Creator, Bug Reporting Website.

Unibog Website



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Verilog HDL


System Verilog HDL






Web Development


Application Development










Ruby on Rails


Shell Scripting (UNIX/LINUX)






R Language


Rust language





@Quotations.com by Mitesh

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) without emotions would have a longer-life than AI with emotions.
2. Knowing youself is not possible thoroughly for humanity.
3. Humans try to do the worst when it comes to revenge.
4. If anything is *FUCKEDUP*, an entrepreneur would see an opportunity while others won't.
5. If anyone steals any credit from ALBERT EINSTEIN, they will finally realie, it won't be of any use to them.
6. Around 70% people lie in real-world but in business around 30% do.
7. Greeting anyone for sake of doing makes someones whole day.
8. Love triangle could be separated but cannot be resolved.
9. Mostly 1st and 3rd person gets to live together in a love triangle with respect to close proximity.
10. Adiabatic, Turbulent, Dynamic, Uncertainty, Unpredictability, Unexpectability, Confusion, Randomness, Automatic, etc. - all these words are only for study purpose.
11. There is a lot of difference between sex and fuck - sex is done quitely with privacy and fuck is done with no privacy maybe with kind of violent behavior.
12. Every perspective has multiple perspectives depending on the group of people.
13. More diversity gives you mroe perspectives with a lot of variations in behavior.
You might have studied it from behavioral analysis course during your graduation !
14. More diversity becomes randomness playing with confused minds.
15. Never care for changing anything is the best way of living your life with independence.
16. Will a person who is dying already need to take calculated risk?
17. What if a nobel prize winner forgets to take the nobel prize from the stage?
18. Dumbest to Smartest, Sharpest, Intelligest, etc. might be people who make the whole world.
19. People below poverty need to tell their superiors and people above poverty have to do without telling.
Inshort, people below poverty - tell, people above poverty - do
20. Whatever is said, it needs to be done, that's Intel Corporation.
Whatever is said, if it is good then it could be done, or can see it later, that's MICROSOFT Corporation.
21. Humanity is vanishing century-by-century from being well-developed and respected to a drowned and vanished state.
22. In modern world, the reason why humanity might get vanished could be due to the current world where the entire world population (includes human beings with diverse behavior) only knows to learn how to fuck each other very quickly rather than learning to do something wonderful in their life.
23. Why diversity, and so many NGOs (Non-Profit Organizations) (People under poverty), equal opportunity, and gender equality is needed in the current world?
24. Can unstoppable be told as disable?
25. Did George Washington invent Artificial Intelligence?
26. Around, On, or Over has 3 degrees of freedom.
27. People in this world are like cellphone and not like dura cell.
28. People never change at all.
29. GOD bless the GOD and don't enter Goddess. ('H' for Humour).
30. "KAMCHOR" means "Who steals someones work"!
31. Difference between AYURVEDA AND ALLOPATHY?
How much ever time it takes to smoke ciggarettes is still less than the amount of time it takes to cure a human being with AYURVEDIC medicine.
You would rather prefer to go with ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE.
32. Youngsters are much more responsible than Adults in their old age.
33. Don't wake up if you don't have anything to do.
34. FUDR - F*****U* Daily Routine means EAT, DRINK, SIT, and SLEEP per day
35. A child takes birth to learn and dies while learning.
36. An adult watches a child take birth to learn and die while learning.
37. A child develops and an adult stops him or her from developing.
38. Is daily routine a disability for not to change or its a repeatitive task everyone does everyday?
39. Ladder is to climb and jump.
40. Life's foundation is based on 4 things:
41. A student asked a professor:
What is Supply Chain Management?
Professor: When demand becomes very high, and supply becomes low, and manual labor becomes very tired, they leave and sit at home, till the demand goes low with no reason at all to run away from current market scenario, then supply becomes higher and higher slowly after more manual labor is available hoping that the same demand exists for later century, but then at the end they might find that the material required to supply the demand has vanished, and then the earthquake occurs for which a satellite was made which could tell or predict this earthquake 1 or 2 centuries ahead.
42. Can we say fifteen as flipteen?
43. F***iest, Bestest, Friendliest - Does these words exist in human dictionary?
44. Can trump card be played in the beginning or in between the game?
It could be a 'YES', the person denied to answer 'cause it was a trump card which generally people don't tell when they are going to play it.
45. What if the box can weigh 5GB?
Let's see:
Rohan: This box weighs 5GB...
Suresh: What about the tariff for 24MB...1.75GB...storage?
Prakita: It should be really cheap for sure.
Sitaresh: Isn't tariff given in dollars or currency these days???
Suresh: Naah! Government has changed rules this year.
46. Entrepreneurs believe in marriage of time and effort.
47. What if a girl calls anyone anyday?
Can she be called as a "Call Girl"?
48. What do you call a friend who is a girl?
What do you call a friend who is a boy?
49. Suresh:
What is a friend zone according to a girl?
Is it safe for humans?
Sitaresh: It is much safer than other zones even safer than ohh-zone (OZONE layer in the mesosphere).
49. Difference between Innovation and Invention?
Innovation is an additional concept to an existing product whereas,
Invention is a new concept to be tested and proven.
50. Imperfection is better than perfection.
51. People do not know what is perfection.
52. Perfection is rather said to be a subjective term.
53. Someone wants to propose someone with his sweatheart after following someone for so long time to say at the end "Will you marry me?" (isn't it halarious?)
54. People do like different people, not everyone likes everyone the same way they do some other people.
55. If the cause is good, then nothing matters.
56. Only leaders know what is right and what is not.
57. Excellence, Superiority, Gentleness are three most important words for a Gentleman.
58. Filthiness and Disgustness does not define Love and Understanding between two people.
59. LSD is only for entertainment.
60. The world would have been a better place if anyone could miss or unmiss any person they want anytime.
61. Miss or Unmiss avoids hatred, revengous, and backstabness in people's behavior.
62. Girls are always polite to their boyfriends.
63. what, when, how?
what, when, why?
what if?
nothing else matters
doesnot matter
now what
not today
not yet
yet another day
tomorrow never dies
die young
die another day
take it off
your love is my drug
glad you came
we're who we're
never underestimate
i am what i am
make most of your life and die young
do it yourself
live fast, die young
why do the good die young?
live hard, die young
can't Take My Eyes off You
you are my dancing queen
never gonna give you up
eye of the tiger is sharp
be young forever
yesterday when i was young
if you go away
no good about goodbye
reach out i'll be there
let me know
soon enough
better than ever
better be soon than later
let it be love rather than a letter
lover is better than a hater
lets keep that way
better that
better that way
better not to
better do so
better not so
so so
better not not to be
better to be not there
rather die
prefer to dash rather than
better to be absent
better to be present
better to be future
mention not
no worries
no problem
not busy
just time pass
never get busy
right now
do it later
do it now
you can
you will
you might
you might not
have tendency
tend towards
lean to your majesty
always have time for others
always have time for needed
64. Equity and Shares are liquid funds (liquidity) which keeps changing with time.
65. Be quiet and being silent - both are same.
66. There is nothing called courage or brave, you just do what you gotta do in your life.
67. By being the most ethical person on earth, there was no one to defeat, that is why someone became unethical sometimes.
68. Get bored more often than expected more often than needed more often than necessary more often than essential.
69. "Predominant" and "Dominant" both means the same thing, just use whichever you like whenever you want.
70. Be the most dominant person on this earth so that people don't think that you are from mars.
71. Panicking in ghostic situation is not recommended by most of the professionals for avoiding the ghost to kill you instantly.
72. Why people don't do "panicing" instead they do "panicking"?
When adding any suffix to the word "panic," a "k" is added after the "c". Examples: panicked, panicking, panicky. ... The etymology of "panic" includes a Greek origin - "panikon" - which is spelled with a "k" but no "c".
73. In those panic situations, panic is a normal human emotion. A panic attack is characterized by four or more of the following symptoms, developing abruptly and reaching a peak within 10 minutes: Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate. Sweating trembling or shaking.
Does 10 minute manager depend on panic attack minimum time of managment?
So, the least amount of time, a person takes to have a mood swing is the least time that person can manage himself or herself.

With this, any person's best time management skills could be analyzed for task distribution.
74. If in any movie, within 3 hours if any girl and boy can fall in love, propose, and even marry each other, then why any girl and boy can't do the same thing in their real-life.
75. The reason behind "why the well-known anarchists die earlier than expected?" is because the people around them or the world cannot fathom their evolutionary thoughts which literally kills them alive and by knowing them getting killed, these anrachists would even ask "Why human beings are not cannibals?", they can kill animals to maintain the ecosystem or ecological balance in the ecosystem.
76. TRY "BOO" on YOUR ENEMIES. ('boo' is just to shake your enemies to death when they are busy in doing something)
77. Every person on this planet has Claustrophobia which varies with different amount of percentage, so in turn anyone could prove anyone person has it, if he or she broke up recently and stays separately to get depressed and regret for not being or remaining single in their life.
78. Why there is no rainbowhouse, inhouse, outhouse, internalhouse, externalhouse, redhouse, orangehouse, yellowhouse, greenhouse, bluehouse, indigohouse, violethouse, and why there is only a whitehouse or a blackhouse?
79. Lighter is more important than Cigarettes.
80. Nobel prizes, Awards, Recognition, Accomplishment, Achievements have all vanished from this planet long time ago. IT is done just for sake in the current world.
81. Why people judge everyone with their first impression itself?
Did anyone try with second impression?
Second impression is much better to judge anyone when the whole world is judging everyone with their first impression. Isn't it unique enough?
82. God is based on psychology and supersition.
83. Yoga and Meditation destroys your Sex-Life
84. You can never tell who your enemies.
85. There are so many types of cuisines, just eat whichever you like.
86. Parents or Guardians cannot STEAL from their children, if it happens, just kill them (those bastards).
87. Even the best of the bests said centuries ago that failures are the steps towards a bigger success, but youngsters of this century say rejections are the steps towrads a bigger and a better person with or without success.
88. A lot of failures in business makes a person a businessman, and a lot of rejections in relationships makes a person careless and an anarchist.
89. Can any person being powerless without any position in the system make a difference in this world?
90. Nothing anyone does together at the sme instant or same moment, its still shifted by few seconds or few minutes literally or atually specially when humans are involved in it or doing it.
91. Always have time for the people who actually need it
92. Businessman would prefer "Always have time for the people whoever needs it".
93. Nothing is actually or literally for a businessman.
94. Most of the businessmen need to be ambiguous, vague, and not be specific.
95. Do people get what they deserve or they just get what they want or they just get what they need?
96. Dreams are only to tell or to get to it by making it a reality.
97. There is a thin line between confidence and over-confidence which needs atleast one damage in anyones over-confidence to make it into confidence.
98. Prevention is better than Cure, and Cure is always there for everything, why do people prevent?
99. "Precaution" vs. "Prevention"?
Preventing the precaution is the old method of lifestyle, the new style is to .
100. "Whole World" = "A hole with aliens in it"?
101. "Do or Die" is same as "Go and Die and Get remembered forever"
or "Fight with the entire world"
or "Fight against the enemies"?
102. Any person's age depends on leverage, mortgage, hostage, arbitrage, saxifrage, cooperage, image, dosage, persiflage, stage, backstage, language vs. slanguage, bandage.
siphonage, coverage, heritage, beverage, wreckage, envisage, blockage, offstage, sewerage, underage, dressage, verbiage, stumpage, trackage, wharfage, baronage, prophage, cabotage, equipage, fraudage, data-age (datage), infoage, helotage, creepage, waterage, tickage, hostage, foliage, vintage, baggage, mileage, outrage, postage, salvage, linage, vantage, leakage, collage, carnage, bondage, mintage, restage, tankage, haylage, moorage, ecotage, meltage, visage, damage, garage, dosage, enrage, ravage, dotage, lovage, anlage, pelage, degage, nonage, cage, page, wage, mage, sage, age, usage, adage, phage, plage, swage, peage.
103. Manage is for 'Man'Age, and,
womanage is for 'Wo'manage, and,
Management is for Men and Womanagement is for Women.
What about "Woagement"?
104. Is that personage 18 yrs?
Does personage mean that person's age?
105. How to find who is worthy of something available?
106. What is meant by vacancy?
107. What is meant by stable for horses?
108. What is meant by putting a handle on girls?
109. Slider politics can only work with variations with a variable which cannot be done by any human-being in real-life.
110. There is no such word as trustworthiness in this modern world specially in politics.
111. How to steal you away?
112. What is the meaning of Deserve?
How a person named Mitesh understood the meaning of the word "Deserve" and how he made himself deserve to make his dream come true?
113. etc.

Killer Ideas


My Top 10 (Killer) Ideas

Mitesh Khadgi

1. Connecting education with industries
2. How to install the website? (not download!)
3. Make (p)https://www.miteshkhadgi.com, https://www.unibog.com(/p) as multiple distinct hyperlinks by using just one (a)(/a)
4. Make a usb/earphone compatible in a single wire
5. Include (python)This is the text to include python code on the website(/python). For example: (python)import os(/python)
6. padding: x%; is same as padding: x% x% x% x% and not padding: x% x% 0 0;
7. text-underline-position: under; - spacings and style options in (-b), (-u), (-t), etc.8. (-h1) style="font-size:10vw">Hello World(-/h1), vw?
9. Javascript does not allow to load the webpage?
10. Invent a new alternative for bookmarks and save ass. which no one cease.
11. Naya search engine!!!
Computer Hope
12. (img src="test.zip" alt="Title" height="500" width="300") - can it be downloaded?
13. Nullify unlined "Underline" by using (u)(/u), (u)Underline(/u)
14. Do you often wonder what are same things in the world? batana is puchna, puchna is a batana!!! Can you relate it with "Bug is a feature and feature is a bug?
15. Change color of an image using html within html tags
16. How can you make play button change to a pause button with |> to |= to ||
17. Achhe question ka ganda solution to nahi de sakte na
18. Percentage of song played to be shown below the audio control
19. Happens first, realize second
20. drag & drop within image
print str(1).zfill(2)
print str(10).zfill(2)
print str(100).zfill(2)
22. Multiple tabs in command prompt
23. doskey/ history
24. Change command prompt on windows terminal opacity/transparency by Ctrl+Shift+"+" / "-"
25. Shortcut key is not modifiable from the command prompt shortcut created on desktop (Bug)
26. Things to remember:
start menu - cmd - regedit
Windows+"+" / "-" - Magnifier
ALT+Print Screen
Windows+L - Lock the screen
Windows+E - Windows Explorer
Windows+D - Quick Desktop
ALT+Tab - Tab Switch
ALT + F4?
Backspace - previous directory on windows
Rename a file - double click
CTRL+F - Search a file
Shift + Arrow key
CTRL + A - to select all files
CTRL + C - Copy
CTRL + X - Cut
CTRL + V - Paste
CTRL + Z - Undo
Windows+S - Search Settings
CTRL + Shift - does not work for language settings
Windows + Space
ALT + Shift - input language switching
CTRL + Shift?
CTRL+N - New Browser Window
ipv4 mac address
27. ttk is a submodule of tkinter and tk is a module of tkinter:
from tkinter import tk
from tkinter.ttk import ttk
28. Multiple tabs in command prompt on windows, Reference: Link
29. Few shortcuts to create shortcuts:
Click Windows+"S" - search for "run" and enter "%appdata%"
(a). System Tools:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools
(b). Local Directory:
(c). Temp Folder:
(d). Startup Folder:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
(e). Run this command on commmand prompt to use "ls" in the terminal: "echo @dir %* > %systemroot%\system32\ls.bat"
30. If you don’t want users to download your PDF file just add #toolbar=0 after the URL of your PDF document.
31. In-built free wifi in laptop ic
32. HTML (div style="width=60%")(/div) container size dependency on Zoom-in/Zoom-out browser.
Which one is better?
(div style="width=60%")(/div) OR (div style="width=600px")(/div)
33. What is the difference?
(div style="width=60%")(/div) OR (div style="width=60%;")(/div)
34. Text to image python program
35. Electronics - Basic Components Book  Electronics Ebook
36. What is the difference between "Enter" and Refreshing the browser?
37. "import PIL" OR "import Pillow" OR "from PIL import image" OR "from Pillow import image"
Which one is correct?
38. How to detect a color from image and make it clickable
39. Color picker from image and find polygon's coordinates
40. Use coords in the label TAG
(area shape="rect" coords="184, 36, 272, 158" alt="north america" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_America")(label class="btn" style="background-color: red; width: 100px; height: 50px;")lala land(/label)
How to create a poly figure using fillstyle:
(canvas id="myCanvas" width="300" height="150" style="border:1px solid #d3d3d3;")
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.(/canvas)
var c = document.getElementById("myCanvas");
var ctx = c.getContext("2d");
ctx.fillStyle = "#FF0000";
ctx.fillRect(20, 20, 150, 100);
Develop a HTML tag as: ctx.fillPoly(x,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4,x5,y5)
42. Can you make a logo using HTML canvas?
43. Load an image with a sketching hand from one point as 0% to 100% as full picture
44. Cool idea? - Names as "Top secret document" such as Suresh Prajapati"
45. Develop a new programming language called ".hyml"
46. import python module directly from a url. For example: import "https://github.com/foliojs/pdfkit"
47. Can we use -10px with div tag in html?
(div)(style="-10px 0 0 0;")(/div)
48. (?php
// if((isset($_POST['name']))) {
// echo '(script language="javascript")';
// echo 'alert("Field is set")';
// echo '(/script)';
// }
// if((isset($_POST['name']))){}
collapse the block and comment only one line for automatic block comment
49. Lock mechanism for packet
50. Lock mechanism for door (swipe/rotating card)
51. (html)(script type="text/javascript" src="http://latex.codecogs.com/latexit.js")(/script) (!-- Can this be switched on and off for particular block of code--)
(div lang='latex')\frac{1+sin(x)}{y}(/div)";
52. What is the difference between in .html file [(div lang="latex")\frac{1+sin(x)}{y}(/div)] AND in .php file [echo "(div lang='latex')\frac{1+sin(x)}{y}(/div)";] ?
You might say: Where did the 'f' GO?
OUTPUT: rac{1+sin(x)}{y}
53. Always use async option in the scripts tag in html files
ex. (script async)(/script)
Details: The async attribute is a boolean attribute. When present, it specifies that the script will be executed asynchronously as soon as it is available. Note: The async attribute is only for external scripts (and should only be used if the src attribute is present). Note: There are several ways an external script can be executed:
If async is present: The script is executed asynchronously with the rest of the page (the script will be executed while the page continues the parsing)
If async is not present and defer is present: The script is executed when the page has finished parsing
If neither async or defer is present: The script is fetched and executed immediately, before the browser continues parsing the page
(script) is HTML 5. (script type='text/javascript') is HTML 4.x (and XHTML 1.x).
(script language="javascript") is HTML 3.2.
Is it different for different webservers?
When I did an offline javascript test, i realised that i need the (script type = 'text/javascript') tag.
That isn't the case. Something else must have been wrong with your test case.
In HTML 4, the type attribute is required. In my experience, all browsers will default to text/javascript if it is absent, but that behaviour is not defined anywhere. While you can in theory leave it out and assume it will be interpreted as JavaScript, it's invalid HTML, so why not add it.
In HTML 5, the type attribute is optional and defaults to text/javascript
Use (script type="text/javascript") or simply (script) (if omitted, the type is the same). Do not use (script language="JavaScript"); the language attribute is deprecated.
55. Cheat Sheet for most useful Google Search Engine operators:
google serach engine operators
56. To maintain the aspect ratio, only remove the "height" property.
(img src="sample.jpg" width="900" alt=""/)
When we specify both, it changes the aspect ratio of the image. When we just set one attribute, it would resize but also preserve the aspect ratio.
Optionally, to restrict any oversizing:
(img src="sample.jpg" width="900" alt="" style="max-width:500px; height:auto; max-height:600px;"/)
57. etc.

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Favorite novel/book authors


Robin Sharma
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Don Cliffton
Peter Drucker
Brian Tracy
Steven Pinker
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1987-2025 (exp.)

Learning Curve (IQ vs. EQ):

Mitesh Khadgi

Year-wise IQ improvement:

Computer Hope 1

Year-wise EQ improvement:

Computer Hope 2


Love Triangle - Polar Diagram:

Mitesh Khadgi

Love Triangle - with near about uniformity in beginning (ADIABATIC CONDITION):

Computer Hope 1

Love Triangle - with uniformity in beginning (IDEAL CASE):

Computer Hope 2


Making Decisions:

Mitesh Khadgi

Making decisions by Heart or Mind/Brain:

Computer Hope 2

It is similar to making decisions with "Making decisions with EQ and IQ?"
NOTE: It is recommended to take decisions after understanding the situations with your right state of mind, and then followed by your heart, then making followed by taking the right decisions.


Decisions with respect to EQ, IQ, and ARIQ:

Mitesh Khadgi

Making decisions with EQ and IQ:

Computer Hope 2


Power Greed is more worse than Money Greed:

Mitesh Khadgi

Power greed and Money greed? (who should have which greed?)

Computer Hope 2


New Theories of Win-Win-Punish/The/Culprits of 2020s:

Mitesh Khadgi

(New) Win-Win-Punish/The/Culprits Theory:

Computer Hope 2

Win-Win-Punish/The/Culprits [W-W-PTC/WWPTC(s)] Theory:
(Inventor: Mitesh Khadgi 9/11/2020 [9th November 2020] - Implemented and also Evaluated!)

Win-Win outcomes only concentrates on finding win-win situations with respect to mutual benefits among the people already existing in the group as the real-owners, but it doesn't get the culprits or it doesn't punish the culprits, so there was a need which Mitesh Khadgi found while doing a research on win-win situation which was about justice-driven situation when or if higher authorities with positions are involved in a group of people. That's when Mitesh thought about a new way of using concepts from Japanese Culture including Samurai Jack, and even how to find the culprits effortlessly (similar to throwing an arrow with a bow in the dark and the culprit gets caught and punished at the end) without doing anything at all in any situation with few or considering worse situations along the way to avoid consequences of death or several deaths.


"Meetria" AND "drupei": Witness Theory in Asian Continent, Mid-human-life Theory, Paper Money Theory with Albert Einstein, Theory for Entrepreneurs, Kill-Live Theory (KLT), Women in Technology (Entrepreneurs, only around 8% in the world?):
Inventor, Scientist (Research): Mitesh Khadgi

Mitesh Khadgi

Concept based on 'meet trivial analogy-based on logical-reasoning'

Computer Hope 2

"Meetria" - New Laptop (Meetrea) under production supported by Unibog Corporation, a company originated from Microsoft Corporation when Mitesh was working as a Student Research Intern in 2019. 'Meetria' design is based on Petal, Filament, Nectary, Stigma (Parts of a Flower), "drupei' design is based firthorns, spines, and prickles.

Computer Hope 2  Computer Hope 2

Revised version of Pe`romenia formation (Mathematical/Scientific Formulation):

_/-_\/(.|/-@<,/-15+ = >>SH>>>>>#######################
Femkin Era (started early 2000s by Pe`romenia religion, Founder, Mitesh Khadgi).
Note: Mind the spaces.
(inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin and not intel corporation]

Missing: SH = Saddam Hussain. Mitesh was browsing over the internet while learning about leaders from the past centuries and about the modern prison's news article. and Bridget Jones Diaries, Mitesh still has 3-4 personal diaries with lyrics and poems from Glogster. Mitesh already has a sample website similar to Glogster which he liked and wanted to bring up after it got shutdown in around 2006-2011, and even JustPost owned by WashingtonPost.

family member do kill for trust funds in USA. [prefer USA, US, usa, usa, united states of america, United States of AMerica, United States of America, United States of America (USA), U.s., U.S., x-u.s. (?) => xus]

So, proposed county name in united states of america is "femxus" on Mitesh Family generations.

So, proposed county name in united states of america is "femsus" on Mitesh Family generations, and "famxus" for UK.

"read a lot of quotations and throw on people one by one." - a gift From Mitesh Khadgi to UK youngsters, Kudos!

"so, when is destiny continuing?" - a question from queen elizabeth ii to Japan.

"Capability and Skills determines any person's position." - Mitesh Khadgi
"Capability-Index should tell any person's position." - Mitesh Khadgi
"War is better than Peace" - Mitesh Khadgi

Earlier Version: [ of Pe`romenia formation (Mathematical/Scientific Formulation):]

_/-_\/(.|/-@<,/-15+ = >>>>>>>#########################
Femkin Era (started early 2000s by Pe`romenia religion, Founder, Mitesh Khadgi).
Note: Mind the spaces.
(inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin and not intel corporation]

Mitshe` Spretz did invest around more than $100 in an NGO in Philadelphia for around 3-4 years per month, and when he found balance in his bank account lower than that, he closed the bank account.

Witness Theory in Asian Continent: Mitesh Khadgi [2006-2011]

"Prefer one witness, who doesn't get killed."
"Use pre-defined standard rules, or make a set of standard rules and regulations for public to setup new governance in USA which is United States of America."
"Never underestimate anyone from children to youngsters to adults (adulthood/elderhood) to buzurgs (oldhood)"
"Never use words such as promise, sworn, vow, resolution, dream, when there is no one who has any of it"

Mid-human-life Theory: (Mitesh Khadgi)

"Efforts of a full life-time in half life-time takes you (nowhere) to let others research on you, rather than the goals for the efforts." (2006-present)

"Let people die in the world, people take birth every day ever second in the world around 10 lacs." - Anonymous

"With what Mitesh had it was the best skills Mitesh had which he prepared himself to deserve position of CEO in Microsoft like MNC." - Sundar Pichai

"Not similar to any existing higher authority except few including Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, no one else was that much important in the plan from among the living ones." - Mitesh Khadgi

Paper Money Theory with Albert Einstein: (Mitesh Khadgi)

"paper money: encrypted paper money with atleast maximum of maximum related thinking any person could have in this world." (2019)

"Restoration or reinnovation of old monuments, chemical usage should be only limited to natural materials." - for italian government for restoration or reinnovation of Arena (Rome, Roman Empire)

Theory for Entrepreneurs: (Mitesh Khadgi, 2006-present)

Can real and natural entrepreneurs change the future?
Given: "Entrepreneurs can make their own future".
Solution: Apply Induction Processes of around 300-500 iterations.
Result: It is still yet to arrive! Mostly predicted as it might do.

Kill-Live Theory (KLT): (Mitesh Khadgi, 2000s)

"Lure the wild (best) animal, and kill them with tender."
"Rob the people, win the game"
"get the money, and throw it on people, and win the world"
"get it by yourself, rather than waiting even for a second"

Women in Technology (Entrepreneurs, only around 8% in the world?): (Mitesh Khadgi, 2006-present)

"females use all the names in the companies but king(s) or males don't use it much, thats why 'kin' is there not to be used, 'clip' is there to be used in company names". - Mitesh Khadgi

"Meetria" - New Laptop under production supported by Unibog Corporation, a company originated from Microsoft Corporation. Sponsored & Developed by Apple Inc. and Shark Tank.


Temptation is something which every human-being needs as they like but not to be forced by someone else:

Mitesh Khadgi

Temptation as people have open discussions in TED talks (continued...):

Computer Hope 2

When to avoid temptation and how to not to listen to porn's temptation as "aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........aaaahhhhhh......ahhh........."?
Temptation does have an exponential relationship with respect to the age groups in the population among male as well as female genders which needs to be linear to make a better world for the people while improving their lifestyle as well.


"A New Architecture for Processors" named "Harvard Von Neumann Architecture":

Mitesh Khadgi

Harvard Von Neumann Architecture, later the name was changed from Harvard Von Neumann Architecture to "Advar Von Architecture" (AVA)
[well-tested, simulation software under development]

Computer Hope 2


A New Tree of Software Engineering with Hardware Concepts:
[well-tested, simulation software under development]

Mitesh Khadgi

New Theory:

Research Proposal from Mitesh Khadgi (ex-Microsoft Student Research Intern in Redmond, WA, USA):

A New Tree with a fruit of 3.3 V with respect to conductivity of fluid of its ingredients, with all the fluids getting accummulated to that fruit to be reproduced or generated periodically depending on seasons (autumn or winter), with 0.0001 V of trees branches voltage, with a seed having extremely highly rich-nutrients like a nuclei with a proton and a neutron to stabilize according to the seasons, a positron and neuron??? in other words, with proton to reproduce or generate fruits and leaves, and neutron to stabilize when season is over.....and then one person to sit below that tree and someone makes the fruit from this new tree to fall on that person, and then a new son of Isaac Newton will take birth on whose name a new company will be formed very soon in the coming years......so, what do we keep that fruit's name??? from that new tree??? m`ateale, it has flavor of intel corporation, and apple, and mitesh also.

"Khadgi's Law of Interacting with Human-Beings":

1. Never Underestimate the Power of Innocence.
2. Be a catalyst in the solvent with soluble from the world.
3. Find your pace early to interact with human-beings, earlier you find, earlier you become successful.

Equation: FOE = E*PI*CR*IPC

E = Energy (refer Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, E=m.c^2)
PI = Power of Innocence
CR = Catalyst Ratio
IPC = Highest Intensity of Peak of Pace of Interaction

Revised Equation: FOE = [{(E*a)^b}.{(PI*c)^d}.{(CR*e)^f}.{(IPC*g)^h}]^(i)

The above equation is made more generic in revised equation form where the values of a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, and i are yet to be determined.......could be considered as real numbers as its entire set for values of a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, and i.

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2


A New Strategy called as a "Hare on your head Strategy", a book by Mitesh Khadgi:

Mitesh Khadgi

Mysterious Rabit!

How can a rabbit win the race with the turtle?
How did the turtle won the race in earlier centuries?

Computer Hope 2 => Computer Hope 2
Computer Hope 2 => Computer Hope 2
Computer Hope 2 => Computer Hope 2

The Rabbit did take rest in between depending on the time zones of various countries involved in cheering across the race course, while others kept arranging for new cheer leaders, and this time turtle cheated while calling the cheerleaders to not to support the rabbit, and the rabbit won the race, while one of the cheerleaders went and made the finish line invisible and the rabbit still kept running and took rest, while thinking this world where the rabbit is living in, is a better world, and not any other kind, since rabbit did not know how much worse turtle and her/his cheerleaders could get, and then turtle went ahead, and asked terrorism to encounter turtle itself since the race was not even finishing anytime, and the turtle went to another country to settle and eat his carrots, while the rabbit kept running and died at the end on the red carpet. :-(

Computer Hope 2


A New Strategy called as a "Castle Strategy", a book by Mitesh Khadgi:

Mitesh Khadgi

A Castle of Glass to ruin hindu religion if they did anything to mitesh khadgi in anyway, it would have been like breaking the glass first, then a fortress or fort inside for protecting himself, and then an entire army of most powerful leader's teachings from the past centuries, it is a kind of blue ocean strategy, but a new name as castle strategy, where the castle of glass was to detect or know if anyone or whoever does anything to him, and then an alert is sent to everyone.

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2


A New Concept/Operation called as a "Operation Black Ice (Covert) using energy equation from Einstein Theory", a book by Mitesh Khadgi:

Mitesh Khadgi

Further Research Theory [Operation Black Ice (Covert)]

A Mathematical Axiom:

If Mitesh's plan anyone understood, then that is not human.

Mathematical Formulation:

OBIF = f(compolitixlics, scientishe, goal, purpose, life, dream/s, pastleds, misspastleds, pastdeaths, life-expectancy, worth/valuation, position, fame/publicity/popularity, a path to dream with probable obstacles, secretxpolls, relative energy, uncertainty)


compolitixlics = comparative politics,
scientische = number of theories, economic models, and theorems considered,
goal = what you have to do in your life,
purpose = keep a better purpose,
life = consider only your life in it to be alive in the entire world first,
dream/s = number of dreams,
pastleds = scope of their agenda and experience in life wrt. your dream/s,
misspastleds = what pastleds missed,
pastdeaths = worth of their life,
life-expectancy = target years of being alive,
worth/valuation = predicted/estimated/anticipated worth using various forecast methods of weather/climate on Television (anyway those weather forecasts are of no use to anyone watching that news),
position = position needed to achieve,
fame/publicity/popularity = effort needed to achieve that position,
a path to dream with probable obstacles = probable obstacles in the world,
secretxpolls = secrets you keep (never tell your dreams! by Sidney Sheldon!),
relative energy = consider various factors from einstein theory, and
uncertainty = based on heisenberg's uncertainty principle

A new wavelength of semi-magnetic waves could be discovered with respect to the various wavelengths of rays of light which exists in the atmosphere to intercept the perpendicular oscillation of waves of magnetic field, and electric field, where the semi-magnetic field waves should be able to oscillate or change its polarization or one-time oscillation inclined to specifically magnetic field waves and not electric field waves, this concept could be utilized to detect any jet aircrafts or fighter jets using radar signal transmission spread across the sky in the proximity of any restricted region or city or even country depending on the signal strength with respect to the intensity of humidity or any other air molecule which could perturb the signal strength in any way possible sent through the radars and even to be received back by the receiver after reflection considering absorption/adsorbtion concepts of physics.

Operation Black Ice did amuse Stephen Hawking and he died with excitement in 2018, considering Mitesh Khadgi as new successor for Research on Universe, Black Holes, and Cosmic Rays, few advanced and covertly tested/experimented thoughts include Zig-Zag for male-female, two separate lines won't work, time-dependent countries would work with centuries and periods with development capability and support capability, and even nuclear power and army strength. [strictly only scientists/FBI]

Telephone with Concepts of Virtual Reality:

[A proposal by Mitesh Khadgi, idea originated in around 2016]

To utilize all the senses among two people while talking or communicating over the telephone or mobile phone, which would make them realize that the world is not big, and the sender who is talking to the person on the receiver end doesnot feel far away from each other, which could also be a solution for home-sickness.

Did Albert Einstein distribute the related thinking from his theory on general and special relativity on population among female gender in the world, female gender seems to have more related thinking due to which there ways of handling any situation in their life is different than male gender population.

The Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, is a psychological phenomenon wherein high expectations lead to improved performance in a given area. The effect is named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved, or alternately, after the psychologist Robert Rosenthal. Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, in their book, applied the idea to teachers' expectations of their students affecting the students' performance, a view that has been undermined partially by subsequent research.

In forensic science, Locard's principle holds that the perpetrator of a crime will bring something into the crime scene and leave with something from it, and that both can be used as forensic evidence. Dr. Edmond Locard (1877–1966) was a pioneer in forensic science who became known as the Sherlock Holmes of Lyon, France. He formulated the basic principle of forensic science as: "Every contact leaves a trace".It is generally understood as "with contact between two items, there will be an exchange." Paul L. Kirk expressed the principle as follows:

Wherever he steps, whatever he touches, whatever he leaves, even unconsciously, will serve as a silent witness against him. Not only his fingerprints or his footprints, but his hair, the fibres from his clothes, the glass he breaks, the tool mark he leaves, the paint he scratches, the blood or semen he deposits or collects. All of these and more, bear mute witness against him. This is evidence that does not forget. It is not confused by the excitement of the moment. It is not absent because human witnesses are. It is factual evidence. Physical evidence cannot be wrong, it cannot perjure itself, it cannot be wholly absent. Only human failure to find it, study and understand it, can diminish its value.

Fragmentary or trace evidence is any type of material left at (or taken from) a crime scene, or the result of contact between two surfaces, such as shoes and the floor covering or soil, or fibres from where someone sat on an upholstered chair.

When a crime is committed, fragmentary (or trace) evidence needs to be collected from the scene. A team of specialised police technicians goes to the scene of the crime and seals it off. They record video and take photographs of the crime scene, victim/s (if there are any) and items of evidence. If necessary, they undertake ballistics examinations. They check for foot, shoe, and tire mark impressions, plus hair as well as examine any vehicles and check for fingerprints – whole or partial.

God doesn't exist, it is just there in the books for social interaction with others.

The replication crisis (or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis) is, as of 2020, an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce, because a lot of variance is involved in replication crisis which in general is considered to be really difficult or nearly impossible.

Station has arrived, stop has arrived, but destination has still not yet arrived, then someone is going to go missing, it looks like that.........its common sense, isn't it???

When two concepts from science combine together with a mathematical expression, then it forms a new concept known as metrics.

Science + Mathematics = Metrics

Prosecution by Persecution it has become where the pre-assumption was considered to be no higher authority or any such court exists in the world to support justice in front of corruption, bribery, and moral or normative ethics.

Violetrays.in and Senseheed is based on The Weber–Fechner laws are two related hypotheses in the field of psychophysics, known as Weber's law and Fechner's law. Both laws relate to human perception, more specifically the relation between the actual change in a physical stimulus and the perceived change. This includes stimuli to all senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2


Shoot an Arrow in the Dark Strategy, a book by Mitesh Khadgi:

Mitesh Khadgi

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2

Mitesh Khadgi did invent a new method to shoot an arrow in the dark to vanish Politics with concepts from Samurai Jack's Sword (for sample, refer Sword page), where Samurai Jack used to kill his enemies with his sword within seconds, while his enemies fall into pieces with the force of gravity, the idea behind doing so was very stylish where Mitesh Khadgi does swing the sword and turns behind, and walks away, and the pieces of the bodies of his enemies falls with the force of gravity which he doesn't care about after turning away to other tasks at hand, and other people keep staring at the bodies of his enemies fell in pieces with no sign of who did, and how it happened, and the most important question, why?

The thought behind finding such a solution to shoot an arrow in the dark was being criticizing the old tv serials from indian tv channels, where one God keeps throwing different kind of arrows for hours and hours, and after seeing the people even watching those tv serials, Mitesh really wanted to kill the directors of those tv serials whoever made the people to watch those episodes of hours and hours for killing one enemy of the God itself, where keeping in mind another famous quote "Time is Money", whereas those moments of hours and hours, if such people would have spent in doing something more useful then many people would have already become rich and richer, which is why while not wasting time and while going effortless, Mitesh Khadgi thought to just throw an arrow in the dark without even knowing about the enemy, where the hindu mythology has had one moving or rotating disc on the ceiling with a fish for which Laxman took a lot of time to aim, so Mitesh made it much more effortless while inventing this new way of shooting an arrow in the dark in any direction, and it does, and most probably it must or should work even for any group of people given that the expertise of doing so only remains with only one person in the entire world to be carefully and deliquently analyzed, and implemented with few safety and precautions to avoid disaster after studying the natural causes of disaster which did include soft learnings from immune system and not nature science as soft-learnings though. Mitesh used to try Shakuni's fingers from his left-hand, since from right-hand it did work with equal-distance-equal-speed (equal time-interval gaps) in his childhood), even with each hands from left-to-right and right-to-left fingers from small-finger to big-finger, and vice versa.

If God has given everything to you, then what did human-beings do in their life?, looks like human-beings don't deserve any recognition at all from many past centuries.

Note: While watching all this (and getting confused with which one was Ramayana and which one was Mahabharatha in his childhood, both have had the same thing, they both from opposite sides kept shooting arrows for hours and hours) happening in hindu mythology, Pe`romenia took an effort to establish new race/religion among human-beings of the future.
Ram ran away with draupadi and sita with hanuman, and ravan was enjoying bellet!!!

Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2Computer Hope 2


A New Religion called as Pe`romenia created, developed, and founded by Mitesh Khadgi:

Read More about Pe`romenia

Mitesh Khadgi

Mitesh Khadgi did find a similar culture for a kingdom of his own which did include well-tested and softer ways of understanding different and various perspectives human-beings with altruism which does most of the times would look like a new sort of Roman Culture itself which was developed in his plan unknowingly or accidently which was totally his imginative and creative ways of developing a society while doing something wonderful for this world before dying to leave his name in the History Books with Golden Colors to leave a printed copy as authentic resource to be referred by many of his generations in the future rather than considering the option for any set of human-beings to only talk and talk, all the time with no actions of any sort at all for the upliftment of the society while considering and embracing the various religions to have existed and going to exist in the future by setting a new standard with this new race of lesbian guys wordly known as Pe`romenia (and Pe`romenians, people who belong to this new race), believed to have non-supporter for rapism, or rapes of any kind, depending on mutual understanding and their consent with each other where proofs on paper are considered for outsiders mostly government for any sort of evidence needed while considering human rights and labor laws, bureaucrats, and any such acts punishable by law, still kills and murders might be allowed for justice if not properly taken care of by any law or jurists.


Love Graph: Invented by the founder of Pe`romenia as a new race/religion for modern era for & beyond 21st century(Mitesh Khadgi):

Mitesh Khadgi

Modern way of prospering in relationships with love, affection, and care
(Modern way or representation for young modern generation influenced by Western Civilization)

"Previous equation of the shape of heart did have modulus with a square root and few squares in addition." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Jhaanse mein aa gaya hai kya koi? lagta hai Jhaswa gaya hai koi to kahin bhi....." - Mitesh Khadgi

Without changing someones behavior intentionally or forcefully against their wishes to an extent which might become brutal after people cross their limits. - Mitesh Khadgi

Mitesh Khadgi did few research on romance, love, affection, and care, and found (discovered) that "constant slow movements of the body with gradual increase in friction between two human-bodies to embrace intimacy with delicacy with passion for love, but still committment to some extent does bring a very good sense of joy and does let the people intimate to each other to have a better sex-life, which does not include interefering of any forceful nature tleast not with consistency or continuously or subsequently or consequetively or significantly or cascadingly or volcanoicly." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Inshort, constant slow movements between two human-bodies with gradual increase in friction does give joy with intimacy and enjoyment while having sex with your life-partner." - Mitesh Khadgi

Love Equation for a new shape of heart in Pe`romenia:

"Love Graph is invented by Mitesh Khadgi in the modern era, seems to have discovered, while masturbating in his sparetime, while getting bored from the world, this love graph does seem to have "|--`----`---`--`-`=_"..." - Mitesh Khadgi

=> =>

"Mitesh Khadgi did want to keep his future wife like a baby who keeps crawling and lurking around the entire house." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Female genders cannot have same faces in different caste system to distinguish love with respect to their caste system." - Mitesh Khadgi

"There is no future without any rose in anyones marriage." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Living relationship with masturbating (rather than marriages to reduce world population, and to increase inflation rate) while playing mind games is a new world." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Two souls who are generally defined to be made for each other do talk using Alien Spectrum Frequency Scandal." - Mitesh Khadgi

"The inventor of new Love Graph is working on creating or formulating a new shape of heart for Pe`romenian race." - Mitesh Khadgi

Equation with punctuations to mark existence of Pe`romenia as a new/religion (revised):

Love Graph (LG) = "/|--`----`---`--`-`=_"

"aLternate different after 10 PM, it is like some morse coding signals to the bad boys and hot & cute or ugly & bold or hot & sexy or chiks & licks like KFC (sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken) or just bad girls." - Mitesh Khadgi

Pe`romenians are allowed to develop their penises, cocks or dicks or pussies or vaginas with various techniques of masturbating, shagging, or fingering, to make the love more stronger and powerful to satisfy themselves in their relationship for a longer time of years.

Masturbating as Unisex term, does seem to develop their sexual desires or sense for a better sex-life which includes playboys or pornstars as well according to the researches conducted by Mitesh Khadgi.

It was scientifically found that if any family-oriented person has a penis/cock/dick of around 5-8 or 5-10 inches could love the female species much more than any other normal human-beings.

Pe`romenia race/religion does support Unisex rather than inequality of any sort among various genders, with core values of equality among race, gender, and religion existing in the world with special consideration for female species development, and upliftment of women in the society or does support women empowerment.


Microsoft Corporation became one of the sponsors for Pe`romenia as a new race/religion to enhance lifestyle and raise the standards of living for human-beings in the modern world to support and maintain balance among individuals while spreading the word of gentle humanity.

Unibog Corporation was rumoured to have been supported by FBI Agencies in United States of America (USA) along with the well-known Secret Agencies (Secret Circle which was established by George Washington many centuries ago in USA, which does seem like still exist in 21st century as well), Spys (Russia), Psices with the ways of earlier centuries.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras, Chennai, TamilNadu (TN), India) supports Pe`romenia, influenced by the reformer and the founder as Mitesh Khadgi who did consider few conditional experiences for the students who are mostly called as desperates (or 'despos' in slang language) in the world where the main reason lies around the minimal capability of the female genders to cope considering:

during IIT-JEE Examinations due to which Mitesh did find few softer and slower solutions which did and does work without any kind of force in nature to develop female as students rather it be from any caste system, even for most technically advanced corporations or companies as well, while having a thought around 2008, when Mitesh Khadgi was doing his Bachelors and Masters of Technology in Electrical Engineering (Dual Degree).

"Mostly everything was included and developed by Mitesh Khadgi from scratch with no signs of any kind of plagiarism, even when P`eomenia does look like modern evolution of Roman Empire's culture." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Mostly everything was included and developed by Mitesh Khadgi from scratch with no signs of any kind of plagiarism, even when P`eomenia does look like modern evolution of Roman Empire's culture." - Mitesh Khadgi

Note: Even Ireland, and Holland's government favors Pe`roemia.....

Most common elaborative abbreviations (ABRV) from others:
OMG is for young generation (known as youngsters).
Oh My God! for adult female genders.
Oh my Goodness! for sikh religion with their own genders.
OM! for yoga and meditation when the entire world plays and shouts all the time to promote yoga as some bulging out forced rapid manually-formed and made business by governments.
Ohm is actually known as a both-sided sharp-edged resistor or resistance with does resemble, people need to resist sometimes in their life while not insisting each other by interefering in lives of other people unnecessarily.

Learning various languages from other culture specially Russian, Chinese (Chiense-Mandarin), Latino, Espano`l, italian, Deutsche, French (learn french kiss from leeches to support the love for nature), English (preferrably US, and not UK), Hindi (generally used to provoke inequality and racism), where uncertainty and unpredictability among Pe`romenians does spread a sense of love among human-beings rather than spreading chaos in the world. Hit-and-Trial as Heuristic approach is favorable, rather than Holistic view of phenomena entirely.

"Pe`romenia is the best race/religion to influence humanity in the modern era beyond 21st century, this world cannot get better race/religion for many upcoming centuries." - Mitesh Khadgi

Psices (A subsidy of Unibog Corporation) as fbi agency skills provider along with Daniel Goleman and Don Cliffton, and Tom Rath.

R34SG - TR34SG to maintain equilibrium with terrorism among government and general public on regular intervals of years with bigger projects after every atleast 3-4 years to protect poor and beautiful souls, supported by Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and even Baghdad, which includes most of the famous Middle East Countries in the World.

Switzerland does have many products specially their design of luggage bags or travel bags considered as the most stylish and compact.

"Looks like KFC's founder also used to do such things due to those awkward americans doing something on the owner of KFC manyn centuries ago, and not on McDonald's ownder though." - Mitesh Khadgi

"When you deal with Mafia and even Terrorism, anyone can die anytime, that is why Mitesh never used to take anything for granted."

An association of "R34SG" (well known as "Regular-as-well-as-every-3-to-4-years-atleast-with-protection-rules-of-swg")

Also, Pe`romenia as a new race/religion is supported by Swiss Government, and Buddism (Dalai Lama to be more specific), and Duchess of Duke (Duke Government), .

"Dumbs are used to follow the instructions, and Leaders lead, that is the phenomena of Leadership." - Mitesh Khadgi

Few more facts from or about the founder, Mitesh Khadgi:

"Looks like lower caste system needs their own publicity through themselves forced by the world's racism, which is better to be called as self-publicity to get to his dream rather than depending on the non-existing world to provide any such thing or making it easier in anyway for anyone." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Never to hurry, and never to worry is an ideal way of learning politely." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Generally, worrying gives stress, and if it for something which can never be done, then just consider it worthless to even hurry at all to do anything." - Mitesh Khadgi

"There is lot of difference between something being required, something as a necessity, and something as essential in someones life." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Being Systematic and Methodic and Organized, doesn't make you a female gender." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Female gender thinks if they are good at organizing their life and object in a room or house or hotel properly, it mean that they can handle the entire organization on their own, they just need to understand what they organize is entirely different than the actual meaning of organization as a whole." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Female gender does dominate only due to their high-pitch of voice and nothing else." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Mitesh doesn't like show-offs at all which is why a strong and mature female or a girl would be the best life-partner to spend longer-time after marriage, which is why most of the times people never understand why they even do show-offs to attract any female species." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Mitesh never actually supported to be married, and remain single for the life to live in the moments all the time." - Mitesh Khadgi

"Being single does rock youngsters lives big time." - Mitesh Khadgi

"It does put some attractive attention on depths of desires with valley of water where people nowadays put many wastes and garbage to make the ocean and beaches more dirtier, which is why the term filthy came up in the English dictionary for such sets of population in the world." - Mitesh Khadgi

"By the way, why there is a show-off slanguage which does resemble show should be off or show should be on?" - Mitesh Khadgi

"Being from the poorest country in the world named India: Favorable food items by the founder, Mitesh Khadgi were: Buy or Purchase only original products like Parle-G or Hajmola (Regular), and Bournvita (for Vitamin-C) to increase your IQ to top in the most toughest exams in the world." - Mitesh Khadgi


A New Idea for naturalized AI for image's extension:

Mitesh Khadgi

Idea for AI for image's extension for smoother user-friendly experience

Computer Hope 2


A New Earphone Design:

Mitesh Khadgi

New Earphone Product Designs [with examples]

Computer Hope 2
Computer Hope 2
Not Comfortable
Ergonomically Comfortable
[right-angled plug-in]

Computer Hope 2

Computer Hope 2

1. On-the-ear
2. Over-the-ear
3. Earbuds/Canalphones
4. In-the-ear/EarMonitor (recommended)

NFC Zone

Computer Hope 2

Computer Hope 2

Mono (1 stripe), Stereo (2 stripes), and Four Conductor/Headset/Mic (3 stripes) of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm, 6.35mm
TS, TRS, TRRS (T, R, R, S = Left, Right, Ground, Microphone)
T = Tip,
R = Ring,
S = Sleeve

Computer Hope 2

Computer Hope 2

180 degree, 90 degree (right-angled mono plug), and 45 degree

Computer Hope 2

1. On-the-ear
2. Over-the-ear
3. Earbuds
4. In-the-ear (recommended)

Mono (1 stripe), Stereo (2 stripes), and Four Conductor (3 stripes)


Business Plan Competitions:

Mitesh Khadgi

NYCEDC Next Idea Competition (Press Release)
Airbus (Fly Your Ideas)
Rice Business Plan Competition
Texas Hall of Fame
CometX Accelerator Program
US India Chamber of Commerce


Our Projects

Various projects are self-initiative projects

HSPICE to Circuit Diagram

Pre-requisite HSPICE, and Digital circuit diagrams

Time to Digital Converter

Using FPGAs and tactile feedback-based Haptic Device

Various protocols used in real-life projects in architecture

Verification Protocols [I2C, SPI, APB, AXI, AHB, MDIO, OCP, CAN]

Lunch With Arduino

Lunch with Arduino UNO

Fun with VLSI

How to use Eagle for making PCBs at home.

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